Available Grants

Date : 2013-05-01


The industry asks CITB to collect an annual Levy from all liable employers. Grants are then given to employers to develop their workforce through training. This is seen as the best way to support training by our industry.

The CITB grants exist in order to ensure the long term growth and development of the industry, by means of a dedicated scheme to pay for the costs of training and development. All employers who are registered with, and in-scope to, CITB can claim grant, even those who pay no CITB Levy. As a general rule it is the smaller firms who train most new entrants. The larger companies can then benefit by hiring these skilled workers later in their career.

Without these grants, the small firms would simply not be able to afford to train any operatives and the industry as a whole would suffer. It is possible to claim grant for all your employees and labour only sub-contractors who receive training.

Examples of grants available:

Apprenticeships = £10,250

SS+ Courses = £52.50 per day

CPCS Theory Test = £60

CPCS Practical Test = £190, £240, £410

NVQ Achievement Levels 2,3 = £400

NVQ Achievement Levels 4,5,6,7 = £650

NVQ Plant Achievement = £610

Health & Safety Courses = £50 per day

Tool Box Talks = £50 for each 6 period of 6 hours

First Aid Courses = £50 per day

Environmental Courses = £50 per day


Click here for a full list of available grants and details of how to claim them.