Low Carbon KEEP

Date : 2011-06-03

The Low Carbon KEEP, Knowledge-East of England-Partners, programme aims to assist over 300 businesses to working in partnership with Universities, on knowledge transfer projects that deliver carbon savings.

Your organisation will benefit from both support from an academic at the university, and a high-calibre graduate in a relevant discipline.

Funding is available until the end of December 2013, despite recent government cuts elsewhere, offering great value for money for businesses in the East of England. Low Carbon KEEP projects can varying in length between 4 - 18 months and are catered to the individual needs of the company. 

What type of projects can we carry out?

The aim of Low Carbon KEEP funding is to help businesses reduce carbon emissions, either within their own business, their supply chain or on behalf of their customers. Behavioural change, product design innovation, waste management and energy conservation are just a few ways this can be achieved. Here are some examples of what projects can be used for, this list could be endless so if you have a great idea, get in touch!

·          Improving existing or developing new products and processes

·          Designing and embedding new processes (e.g. ISO 14001 environmental processes)

·          Developing and implementing a marketing or business development strategy to enter new markets

·          Developing new systems and frameworks to improve efficiencies in staff and processes

·          Building a new web site or integrating your databases which will improve efficiencies

Is my business eligible?

The Low Carbon KEEP scheme is open to small and medium (SME) sized companies based in the East of England (Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Norfolk).

What is Knowledge Transfer?

Knowledge Transfer is about the exchange of skills, research and experiences between universities and businesses to develop new capabilities within both organisations.

Low Carbon KEEP projects involve the formation of a partnership between a business and a university.  The scheme is designed to enable the business to access the required skills and expertise that reside in the university, in order to help the company develop. The partnership also employs a high calibre graduate to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and manage the project’s aims. The graduate will spend 100% of their working for the business whilst directed by a specialist academic.

What will it cost my company?

The cost for businesses will vary depending on the length of the project, the calibre of the associate and the academic involved. Funding will usually contribute 40% of the costs of the academic specialist support and the graduate’s salary, recruitment, training, equipment, and travel expenses.

Funding is limited and projects will need to be assessed and approved by the regional assessment panel.

What are the project timings?

Project length can be between 4 and 18 months and must be completed before December 2013

How is the graduate hired?

The graduate will be hired by the university or college where the academic you’re working with is employed as well. Their human resources department will have a standard procedure for hiring in staff, though you will be fully engaged in writing the job specification, and the interview and selection process

Where to start?

Contact the Low Carbon KEEP team on 0845 196 4310/3176, or email

Also, there are a variety of other projects running across the region that offer free support and advice on low carbon improvements for your business, which can help you work up a Low Carbon KEEP project. Why not contact one of these programmes to help you establish if your organisation can access Low Carbon KEEP funding?

How do I apply?

For an informal chat please contact a member of the delivery team. Alternatively please fill in an use the Ask Uni East link on the left hand menu. This is not a formal part of the application process, but provides us with the information that we can help to match your project with an appropriate academic partner.

All Low Carbon KEEP project proposals are subject to approval; applications are jointly prepared by the company partner and the knowledge base partner. Approval decisions take typically 3-4 weeks after submission of a proposal.