Sale Abtronic Muscle Fitness System EMS Fitness Belt As seen on TV RILZKIPYS

Abtronic Muscle Fitness System EMS Fitness Belt As seen on TV RILZKIPYS

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AbTronic Electronic Massage BeltNeoprene CenterpieceWaist BeltArm or Leg Belt2 Sony Lithium Battery (CR-2032)

AbTronic, the smart Electronic - Exercise System specifically designed to support Body Toning, Athletic Enhancement and Body Building. A technological breakthrough for people like you. AbTronic puts your exercise regime on Auto-Pilot, in the comfort of your own home! Toning - is the formular for reataining a good figure. Even while on an strict diet muscles, that functioned properly during youth, tend to lose tone and sag, pulling body contours out of line. AbTronic will help ease those sagging muscles back to their firm natural state simply by administering to the area you wish to treat. Because of AbTronic portability muscles can be shaped while your ar reading, relaxing, walking or doing housework. It′s that easy, and a half hour daily is usually all it takes to help improve figure problems, especially Abs, flabby under-arms, hips, thighs, bust-lines, buttocks and after-baby tummy. Body Building - in conjunction with your work-out routine AbTronic helps to increase muscle density, vascularity and hardness by the process of intense contraction. This action procuces better muscle definition and muscle separations will be much more pronouced. The abdominals are one of the hardest muscle groups to shape and AbTronic is ideally suited to assit in this difficult task. In 10 minutes you can exercise your abdominal muscles approximately 600 times - can you imagine how many sit ups you would have to do achieve the same results The intensity has 10 steps, with 6 different programms for everybody. With the normal recommended use of 30 minutes per day and depending on the amount of work-out routine, AbTronic will show the way to noticeable improvement after 3- 4 weeks of regular treatment. We recommend regular cardio vascular rat but does not assist the cardio respiratory system. Regular exercise and a healthy diet combined with the modern technology of the AbTronic are the best way to achieve total health.

Abtronic Muscle Fitness System EMS Fitness Belt As seen on TV RILZKIPYS

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